Cookies and Confections

Our cookies, cupcakes and macarons are perfect as guest favours and are a great addition to sweet tables for any occasion. 

Cupcakes start at $3 each, with the final price determined by the intricacy of the design. Cupcakes topped with our full sized, handmade sugar blooms start at $15 each. All of our treats are made to order and we have a minimum order of 4 dozen cupcakes. 

Cookies can be packaged individually in cellophane bags, or we can work with you to create custom boxed sets. Cookies start at $5 each with the final price determined by the design and size. Our minimum order for cookies is $200. 

We offer french macarons in cellophane bags or boxed as wedding favours, as well as part of larger sweet table orders. Macarons start at $2.50 each with a minimum order of 100.

All of our treats are custom made just for you. Below are just a few examples of what we can do.

Iced and hand painted


Delicate almond cookies


Beautiful buttercream swirls


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